Help the Patrick O'Connell Memorial Fund
- to establish suitable memorials at his birthplace in Dublin and unmarked final resting place in London.
- to pay tribute to Don Patricio by means of commissioned monuments at each of the clubs he played for and managed.

Iconic FC Barcelona manager lived in west Belfast

Photo courtesy of Hugh Russell

Research by Drew Ferris (Archive Ordnance Survey Dept. Northern Ireland) has established that Patrick O'Connell lived at 163 Albert St. Belfast during his playing days. Ferris pointed out that the house was 30m from the kerbline at the top of the street. The street changed in the 80s due to the Westlink development but the kerbline on the street stayed the same. While the current building is in dispute, it is believed that the house is either 119 or 120. We hope to have specific details in the coming weeks. The POC Fund have applied for a 'Blue Plaque' on the street, and hopes to meet Drew in the new year to present a special gift. Both Alderman Jim Rodgers (UUP) and MLA for the Falls Road Fra McCann have now endorsed the project.

Patrick will be honoured at the upcoming FC Barcelona v Real Betis match on December 30th by the Council of Catalonia and the Board of Directors of FCB & Real Betis. It is 80 years since Patrick became manager of the club in 1935.