Help the Patrick O'Connell Memorial Fund
- to establish suitable memorials at his birthplace in Dublin and unmarked final resting place in London.
- to pay tribute to Don Patricio by means of commissioned monuments at each of the clubs he played for and managed.

Patrick O'Connell

DIPLOCAT - The Public Diplomacy Council of Catalunia - were heavily involved in the initiative to formally honour Patrick O'Connell at Barcelona. The full story of their involvement can be found at (see below).

DIPLOCAT, FC Barcelona and the Patrick O’Connell Memorial Fund pay homage to Patrick O’Connell
Within its program of sports diplomacy, the Public Diplomacy Council of Catalonia (DIPLOCAT) organised on 30 December 2015 an event to pay tribute to the ex-player and ex-football trainer Patrick O'Connell before the start of the Camp Nou match of Betis and Barça, two of the teams trained by O’Connell...

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